St. Chad’s Church. which is only a short walking distance from Valley View Cemetery can be used for Services. Arrangements for this can be made by speaking to the Church directly.

Private facilities within a few yards of Valley View Cemetery are available to provide a small non-religious service in the peaceful conservatory of the local Inn. The coffin can be placed in this room and a small service can then take place.

Valley View Cemetery has a good relationship with a local stonemason who can discuss your requirements and work within your budget. Grave digging and wakes can be arranged by us so you have peace of mind that everything is prepared and ready on the day.

Plots can be purchased by anybody from any area. There are no postcode or boundary restrictions. You do not have to be an Oldham resident to purchase these plots.

Graves are available for ashes in addition to coffins or, if required, a combination of both.

Valley View Cemetery work closely with a number of funeral directors who will take care of all aspects of burials. These could be religious, non-religious, green, traditional or non-traditional.

For Further Information Contact

Christine Taylor on
0776 4589707 or 01457 820831 (answer phone).

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